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Image to Text Generator AI - Grab attention, achieve monetization and more...

Friend or foe, AI is here to stay!

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1. How much and how quickly you learn and start using it will define your accomplishments.

2. Whether you want to keep working on the traditional approach or want to adapt to new ways of doing things will define your stability.

3. And, are you willing to try the new tools and technologies born with the growth of AI will pave the path to where you will progress.

Each AI tool presents you with a plethora of opportunities, and you are only limited by your imagination; creative and artistic AI can enhance and expand your potential in ways you may not have considered.

Simply take the example of an AI that describes the images. What purposes can you meet with image to text AI in this digital era?

Any quick thoughts?

The obvious answers would be creating image descriptions, alt-texts and automatic image tagging. Purpose?

  • It could probably be used for posting images on Instagram along with the auto generated descriptions and hashtags.
  • It could be aimed towards increasing the accessibility standards to improve SEO.
  • Or, it could even be for organizing the images on your web folders.

But could we stretch that... a little?

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Let’s take some time to think about the thumbnails here, particularly the thumbnail images of YouTube. Can you think of times when you clicked on a video because of the descriptive thumbnail? This is one of the YouTube channel optimization tricks as well.

  1. Create an image that can represent the information about your video.
  2. Auto generate the titles, tags and description for that image using image to text generator.
  3. Upload that image to your YouTube video as the thumbnail image.
  4. Use the same image description and tags to optimize your video listing.
  5. Why stop at YouTube? You have the resources so spread it on Vimeo and other sites as well.

Ok, automatic image to text generator can help you grab the attention of YouTube viewers. That we may have established here.

But how about going a bit further?

Shall we try it for money, after all it is said to be the greatest motivator of all. And we will still try to stick with the automated image to text generator. Keeping it to the known territory and the “ohh so profitable” idea.

Amazon affiliate marketing with Pinterest

  1. Join the Amazon affiliate program.
  2. Select the products you want to sell in order to earn commissions.
  3. Grab the affiliate links for those products.
  4. Now, setup your pinterest account.
  5. Grab some related images from the web and if you want to save a buck, use some royalty free images.
  6. Auto generate the titles, tags and description for that image using AI image to text generator.
  7. Post those images with the title, tags, and descriptions along with the affiliate link on your pinterest account.
  8. Continue doing it till you have plenty of images so your pinterest account visitors can click on them and buy those products from Amazon.

Here are two practical ways you could use the AI powered image to text generator, one for increased visibility on YouTube and another for income generation. You can also build over the AI caption generator to create other useful software for income generation.

So, what other ways would you want to use these AI tools and what would you want to accomplish?

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